Hedged Automated Market Making, or HAMM, is the liquidity solution of Derify protocol, today’s blog we will break down the basics and introduce this hybrid mechanism with characteristics of order-book model of traditional CEX or AMM model of Uniswap.

Let’s start with the basics: Your Account Balance.

Blockchain is a digital database of transactions. When you trade on Derify, your account data and account balance will be stored on a blockchain. Due to the high gas fee and slow speed of Ethereum main net, clearing and calculation for all trading activities will happen on one of the Ethereum side chains…

In the last two blogs, we talked about basic mechanism and operation model of Derify protocol. This blog will cover the topic that traders care most: transaction performance and cost, we are happy to share some of our thoughts on the topic to you.

Derify protocol will relentlessly chase better on-chain performance and lower trading cost. Performance and cost have much more significant influence on margin/derivatives trading than on spot trading — many trading strategy is time-sensitive; others have high requirements on frequency. …

We introduced basic mechanism in Derify protocol in our first blog. In this article, we would like to talk about the unique operation model of Derify protocol.

Different from typical decentralized exchanges, Derify protocol is more than a liquidity pool (i.e. typical peer-to-pool exchanges). What we provide is a set of basic infrastructure that could construct the exchanges. It is expected that we can provide a complete set of DEX as a Service (DEXaaS) at our V3 stage.

In other words, anyone can run their own exchange based on Derify protocol, while sharing the same liquidity and risk control mechanism…

The birth of Derify protocol was a natural development.

Our team (Derivation Lab) has been providing quantitative trading and market making services for many years (since 2017); when Uniswap shined in 2020, we saw the opportunity in this field: if accessible, robust and decentralized liquidity is created for quantitative traders like us, then the “traditional industry” of market making will see unprecedented innovation. …

Currently, Derivation Lab is preparing the launch of Derify protocol. We thank all the warm help and kindness given by our community, thus we decide to give away part of the tokens to community members who are willing to support the project.

Rewards for Community Volunteers (CVs) (aka Airdrop List)

All Community Volunteers will earn a position in our airdrop list.

The FREE airdrop is not locked once redeemed, can be traded on exchange after IDO or on liquidity pools. We reserve 100,000 DRF tokens for this Airdrop, each participant will receive 50 tokens for FREE. You can confirm your…

Derivation Lab

Founding Team of Derify protocol. Official website: derify.finance

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