2022 World Cup X Derify

Derivation Lab
2 min readNov 29, 2022

The World Cup is a feast, and the Derify Protocol would like to enjoy the games with our community. We decide to reward our community members by betting on the games.

Reward for each stage is different:

Group Stage (250,000 eDRF/match)
Round of 16 (500,000 eDRF/match)
Quarter-Finals (1,000,000 eDRF/match)
Semi-Finals (2,000,000 eDRF/match)
Third Place Play-off (4,000,000 eDRF/match)
Final (8,000,000 eDRF/match).

Betting rules are straight forward. Before the match starts, we will post a proposal on Derify snapshot space: https://snapshot.org/#/derify.eth
You just need to bet by selecting the choice.


  1. Home to win by 1 goal
  2. Home to win by 2goal
  3. Home to win by 3 goals
  4. Home to win by 4 or more goals
  5. Draw/Tie
  6. Away to win by 1 goal
  7. Away to win by 2 goals
  8. Away to win by 3 goals
  9. Away to win by 4 or more goals

-Reward is for voters who voted for the right choice only.

-Reward Formula:
winners’ voting power/the total voting power of all winners * reward pool

  • For example:
    Tom has 10,000 eDRF so his voting power is 10,000.
    Tom makes a right prediction of the Final and he becomes one of the winners.
    There are 10 voters who make the right predictions so total winners are 10.
    Average voting power for these 10 winner is 10,000, so the total voting power of all winners is 10 * 10,000 = 100,000
    The reward pool of the Final is 8,000,000 eDRF
    How much eDRF can Tom get?
    10,000/100,000 *8,000,000 = 800,000 eDRF

Wonder how to earn eDRF to participate? https://medium.com/@derify/how-to-earn-edrf-9519e0edfeb8