How to earn eDRF?

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4 min readOct 25, 2022

Hi Derifiers, many of you are wondering why different users earn different amount of eDRF. Some people only get 2,000 eDRF while others may earn tens of thousands (​Airdrop Record). Today, I’d like to teach you how to earn eDRF, gain more voting power, participate in Derify DAO and unlock more benefits.

Before started, I strongly recommend you learn what eDRF is. Details are in the doc.

  1. Staking $DRF

Stake $DRF to mint unlimited eDRF (, and take the minted eDRF tokens to your wallet to participate in voting. Each staked $DRF can mint 1 eDRF per day. If you stake 100 DRF, you can mint 100 eDRF everyday.

2. Apply for the Faucet to earn 2,000 eDRF

For new joiners, you have the option to experience our product without using real money. That is make trading simulations on the Testnet (BSC testnet) instead of BNB Chain. Applying for the Facuet, you can get 2 things, 2,000 eDRF + 100,000 testing BUSD. Testing BUSD served only for the purpose of trading simulation on the Testnet. 2,000 eDRF can grant you the voting power and participate in proposal voting on our snapshot space.

Faucet tutorial:

Testnet website:


3. Discord users whose level are 2 and above

We would airdrop eDRF to users whose Discord level is 2 or above. You can check your level in #rank-checking channel on Discord. Based on 003. Proposal​, the eDRF airdrop amount = user’s Discord level * 5,000. For instance, if your Discord level is 4, you will get 4 * 5,000 = 20,000 eDRF. You can DM admin on Discord to give out your wallet address (BEP20 address).

Discord admin

4. Members from other DAO (snapshot space)

Based on 004. Proposal, we airdrop eDRF to other DAO community members (voters and authors) who are interested in Derify Protocol. ​For boters, it is 5,000 eDRF per voter. For proposal author, it is the cumulative sum of eDRF from all of his/her voters in a 1:1 ratio. For example, someone used our template and submitted a proposal on PeopleDAO snapshot space. There were 369 voters voted for that proposal and each of those voters received 5,000 eDRF. While the author himself received 369 * 5,000 = 1,845,000 eDRF. You are encouraged to use our template and submit the proposal to attract other DAO members to join Derify. In return, you may receive large amount of eDRF. Please contact our admin as mentioned above when your proposal in other DAO snapshot space is closed.

5. Trade on the Mainnet

Based on 005. Proposal, we’d airdrop eDRF to all users who use Mainnet products (with a record of open positions). The reward is 50,000 eDRF per user.

Derify Mainnet website:

6. Retweet Lottery

Based on 008. Proposal, we have eDRF giveaway for the latest tweet. It is quite simple to participate. Stay tuned for every latest tweet, retweet + @ 3 friends + leave your wallet address in comment. We will randomly select 3 lucky winners who will receive 100,000 eDRF/address.

eDRF airdrop is transparent, eDRF Airdrop Record

7. Publish Derify Designated Contents To Other Platforms

Based on 009. Proposal, we encourage users to publish our designated contents to other platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Mirror, etc.) to gain more branding exposure. After doing so, please submit the proof of work in the form. For each valid submission, you can get 10,000 eDRF reward. For example, you pick 10 articles from the designated content list and you publish them on 10 different platforms, then it counts as 10 * 10 = 100 valid submissions. You will receive 100 * 10000 = 1,000,000 eDRF

I hope this article can guide you to earn eDRF in an efficient way. Thank you for your supports.