Derify Protocol Starting to Recruit Genesis Brokers

  1. Free Privilege: Genesis Broker get Broker privilege for free (normal Brokers need to burn eDRF to buy the Broker privilege and maintain it), and such privilege is granted until the mainnet launch. Genesis Broker have their unique page, link and code for their service.
  2. Supercharge Airdrop Rewards: During Beta testing, users will share 1 million DRF tokens airdropped as prize. For each token received by the Beta users, their respective Genesis Broker will receive additional 100% DRF tokens as rewards.
  3. Sharing the Income: After mainnet launch, Brokers can receive at least 30% of the Trading Fees earned by Derify as direct rewards.
  4. Sharing the Profit: Profits of the system will stay in the smart contract and give back to DRF holders, Brokers as large holders will get a huge portion.
  5. Performance Rewards: Brokers have better performance may receive extra performance rewards.
  6. Market Access: Each user is permanently bind to their Broker, Genesis Brokers will benefit hugely for early market access.
  7. Token Utility: After mainnet launch, Brokers can continue to participate in mining and earn rewards with the tokens they earned.
  8. Official Support: Derify developers will support Genesis Brokers with marketing support, including but not limited to product manual, AMAs, marketing fee supports etc.
  9. Information Access: Genesis Brokers can have access to the Brokers-only group, having more in-depth information and market insights shared by other Brokers and Derify team.
  10. Governance: Brokers are major participants of the DerifyDAO, with strong voting power and proposal rights.
  1. Institution, Group or Individuals with community reach and willing to support Derify’s marketing activities (AMA, research articles, news coverage) can apply Genesis Broker for free.
  2. Our Official Application Contact :
  3. For normal Broker privilege, individual can burn eDRF tokens and purchase the privilege on Derify’s website, DRF tokens can be purchased from our PE investors, Uniswap or Secondary market after it’s in circulation.



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