Derify Monthly Report For May 2022


Derify has experienced a progressive month in May. During the past 4 weeks, we have accomplished a tons of jobs. We cooperated with Certik and submitted our core code for auditing (afterwards is mainnet launch). The testnet is still continued and thousands of new users thrusted in and participated for our Beta version. We held a series of AMA events and invited community owners to become our brokers. We also launched DAO v0.1 and v0.1.1 to ensure our vision, a fully transparent & decentralized protocol that is governed, operated and even owned by the community, will be achieved.


Derify has been consistently improved our protocol, both UI and backend. The UI 2.0 version is coming so stay tuned.
We scrutinized our code and enhanced our security. We have chosen famous Web 3.0 auditing platform Certik to audit our code. It shows our confidence on our protocol and ensure Derify is safe to use.

To compensate users who participated our Beta version at early stage, we changed the Airdrop rules. For details, please check below.

We set up the detailed testing rules to ask testers to follow and get corresponding rewards.


Media exposure in CryptoSlate improved Derify branding and let more people get to know us well.

Derify collaborated with GameFi protocol Bichon Fighter and try to expand our business leveraging the Lego & Composability in web 3.0

We held a series of AMA events and successfully converted a few of them to become our brokers. We insisted on our principles and expanded our broker base to consolidate & increase our user base in the future.


You can view the updated token distribution & release info on our Gitbook page.

We updated DRF staking related data on a weekly basis, so stay tuned.


Derify has launched its DAO that is consisted of Governance Committee, Decision-Making Committee, and Execution Committee. At the same time, we attract more people to join our DAO and introduced different roles, including content creators, content distributors, testers, brokers, and broker BD. To learn more, you may visit our DAO Gitbook page.

Important Links & Docs:

Audit Report:








Our Beta testing is still live, please join our Beta to help us make our protocol better.

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