Derify Monthly Report For January 2023


Currently, $DRF airdrop is ongoing (Part C) according to the airdrop plan and we appreciate those who support us along our developments. In addition, we leveraged the power of other DAO and welcomed those who came onboard recently to help us better build up the Derify DAO.


$DRF airdrop is still a topic among the community. We follow the airdrop plan and now Part C is ongoing. It is super easy to participate.Trading on platform and everyone could get DRF. The ROI is amazing, up to thousands of percent. For details, please refer to the FAQ doc.


We listed on MathWallet dAPP store. We will have more corporation with wallet in the future.

We launched Link3. We are keep building with more communities in the future.


We are working hard on decentralization and trying to give out the governance power to many more members, even if some of them may have constrained financial capabilities. We are giving out an eDRF to all kinds of users to fulfill our goals of building a decentralized derivative DEX.

Important Links & Docs:

Audit Report:








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