Derify Monthly Report For August 2022

Derivation Lab
2 min readSep 8, 2022



In the past month, Derify had ended the Testnet event. However, we’ll keep the Testnet as a trading simulation place where future users may use it to improve their trading skills. We have updated our protocol with new UI 2.0 and upgraded a few smart contracts to enhance security and improve user experience. We also further designed our DAO to V0.3.0 and revealed another wave of token distribution for transparency purpose. Another big milestone is that $DRF is now listed on PancakeSwap.


Derify Lab has worked hard on product upgrades and we enhanced user experience to a further level with UI 2.0


You can now buy $DRF on PancakeSwap.

We celebrated with the community before Mainnet launch and held a giveaway event to reward 3 lucky winners.


We had our unique vision and expectation for the development of Derify DAO. Here in Medium, I published a paper regarding our DAO philosophy. For more details, please read the article and you are more than welcome to discuss with us in Discord channels.

To enable more users to participate in our DAO, we passed a proposal 001 that staked 2 million $DRF to mint eDRF for free airdrop.

Proposal 002 determined the quantity of free airdrop eDRF is 2,000 for each address. We’d like to see new faces for the next proposal coming out.



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