Derify Monthly Report For April 2022

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Derify has made prominent progress in April, including product enhancements, marketing, token distribution, DAO, etc. April is the birth month of DRF Token, not only launched IDO, but also launched the DRF jungle farm and staking. In addition, the team has also completed the DAO v0.1 architecture design, and will announce relevant plans sooner than later. DAO v0.1 aims to encourage community creativity through the DAO mechanism to accelerate the protocol development.


Product development has made continuous progress. Fixed some bugs in Beta version and successfully launched the DRF Mainnet staking function.

Continuously improve current Beta version, Derify development team also adding more functions on smart contracts. At the same time, the UI 2.0 design has been completed, and we are working hard on front-end development.

Testnet has attracted thousands of users from the community, and testing data have has been revealed to the public.


A series of IDO events: partnership with ACY, Erax, DAOStarter, bounce, etc.

Derify was invited by TalkChain Crypto for live interview

The Derify protocol is covered by CryptoNews and News BTC

Cooperated with Vusi Designer, a well-known KOL located in South Africa. Vusi Designer has become one of the brokers in Derify community, and he will promote the Derify protocol in local market.


DRF token is listed on Ape Swap

You can track DRF token on Coingecko now

DRF is listed on Ape Swap Jungle Farm. LPs can get DRF rewards by staking LP tokens, and the APR is up to 10,000%+

We have published transparency report, and you may check details below

The DRF staking function has been launched. Investors can mint eDRF rewards through DRF staking. eDRF owners may obtain Mainnet broker license and participate in future DAO governance.

DRF staking function and its progress


Structure design of DAO v0.1 has been completed. We will publish more details sooner than later.

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Our Beta testing is still live, please join our Beta to help us make a better product.

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