Community Contribution Rewards for Derify Beta Testing

Our Beta Testnet Link:

The rules are super simple:


  1. Airdrop will take place right before mainnet launch (after June)
  2. Corresponding airdrop rules are currently hidden to prevent potential fake account spam/auto-trading bots
  3. Airdrop rules and standards will be proposed by the Governance Committee and pass through community voting
  4. DAO participants and contributors are airdrop targets, including tester, broker, broker BD, content distributor, content creator, etc. To learn more about our DAO and how to become a participant/contributor, please refer to

For our project, please check the link below:

For detailed Beta User Manual, check the link below:

For additional Brokers Rewards, check the link below:

Special Note for past Airdrop & Hashdrop winners:



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